The local dishes of Rhodes – rare delicacies for a rare island

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Mar 262016

What place doesn’t have its own recipes, developed after generations of home cooking? Rhodes, this magnificent island of the Aegean that attracts many thousands of visitors every year, could not be any different; especially since Rhodes has known many masters throughout the centuries, has had a wide variety of influences from ancient Greeks to Romans to medieval knights to Ottomans to Italians and then back to Greeks. All these people and mentalities have definitely left their mark on the island and this is obvious in the traditional recipes of Rhodes, among which some are original and some are variations of popular recipes of the Mediterranean.

Of course, since Rhodes is a very organized island regarding tourism and caters to international visitors, tending to their every need, like the all-inclusive hotels Aldemar Amilia Mare and Aldemar Paradise Village do, you might need to do a bit of searching for places that serve traditional dishes of Rhodes or fuse together flavors from western and Greek cuisine. We have compiled here a short list with recipes that we suggest you look for as you travel the island.

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Water sports around Rhodes

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Mar 172016

Why do people love the sea? The answer is easy, yet expansive: it’s the mysteries it hides, it’s the fear and respect it instills, it’s the beauty that can be found both in it and next to it. For centuries people have been trying to tame it, befriend it, exploit it, use it, enjoy it. In our times, for people who want to come close to the sea, swimming is not enough. For holidaymakers with a sense of adventure water sports is what brings them closer to the sea, the activity that connects them the most with the water.


Rhodes offers plenty of opportunities to those who want more out of their vacations, since water sports there are abundant and varied. Kallithea and Faliraki, especially, the beaches close to Aldemar Amilia Mare and Aldemar Paradise Village, are ideal for everyone who is fond of water sports. However, the entire island is full of places to practice your skills.
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The Kallithea Springs of Rhodes

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Mar 082016

The Kallithea springs in Rhodes are one of those not-quite-secrets of the island that not everyone plans to visit, but it is pretty possible that those who do end up there, choose it as their favorite spot of Rhodes. Very few go to the Island of Knights for its thermal springs; some don’t even know that it has thermal springs, but there is a reason why baths have been so popular since historical times. Nothing beats the relaxation that is offered by hot springs, especially when combined with the idyllic bay close to them, the crystal clear waters, the golden sands. The Kallithea springs, next to Aldemar Amilia Mare and Aldemar Paradise Village, have it all.

Kallithea spings view close to aldemar amilia mare

Panoramic view of Kallithea Springs. Photo © Filippos Filippou from

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Aldemar Resorts expands its collaboration with leading Italian Tour Operator Nicolaus

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Feb 272016

aldemar resorts collaboration with nikolaus tour operator

Aldemar Resorts are happy to announce the expansion of the existing collaboration with Italian Tour Operator Nicolaus, one of the most important touristic organization in Italy with its 20 high standards Nicolaus Clubs.
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The Best Time of Year to Visit Rhodes

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Feb 262016

If you want to visit Greece and enjoy the proverbial sea and sun and good weather, then the best time of year to visit Rhodes is summer. Right? But what if we told you that the summer in Rhodes lasts a bit more, it is not restricted within the narrow bounds of the summer months. Sunbathing, swimming and all the summer activities you can imagine start as early as April and can go on until well into October. Aldemar Amilia Mare and Paradise Village resorts are there to welcome you throughout this period and offer you an unforgettable vacation, no matter when you choose to visit one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

father and sun on the pool

You may enjoy Rhodes from April to October

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The best sights to visit in Rhodes

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Feb 232016

Rhodes combines everything. A rich history that commenced in ancient times and continued through the Middle Ages, amazing natural landscapes –popular or secluded beaches, thick forests, cliffs and hills– and fun, in all forms for people of all ages. From narrow cobblestone streets to grand palaces, from watersports to nightclubs, there is always something to do, see and taste in Rhodes. Besides, with Rhodes, there is always something to explore and discover, and Amilia Mare and Paradise Village Aldemar Resorts are only a few minutes away.

But what are the must-sees of Rhodes? Where should you be headed first? Our short list aspires to give you a head start, but after that, the island is your oyster:

  1. Faliraki Beach and Water Park

This is where it all happens. The quintessence of fun is this long beach and the facilities surrounding it. Beach bars and jet skis, waterslides and golden sands are all there for you to enjoy along with your friends. It might get a little wild, but “wild” is what you’re going for when you’re visiting Faliraki.

view of faliraki beach

Faliraki beach is one of the hot spots of fun via Flickr CC @artistica2004

  1. Ialysos and Lindos

Rhodes doesn’t lack history, something which is evident throughout the island. Ialysos and Lindos, in particular, are two regions located on different parts of the island that will definetely satisfy your thirst for greek  ancient culture.

ruins of Lindo's ancient castle

Ruins of the ancient castle of Lindos where visitors have a wonderful view of the area via Flickr CC @tracy_the_astonishing

  1. Medieval Rhodes

There is a reason Rhodes is called the Island of Knights. Rhodes was apparently quite popular for the crusaders, who, in the course of history invaded the Dodekanese island repeatedly. See the Palace of the Grand Master, walk through the narrow streets, examine the arches that lead to beautiful small squares or have a cup of coffee next to the medieval castle. The old city of Rhodes asks to be explored.

rhodes old town

Medieval Town of Rhodes CC

  1. The Valley of the butterflies

Let’s change our pace a bit. Before history and beaches and nightlife, there was nature. And the valley of butterflies, in the center of the island, is a sight for sore eyes. Head there in August, when the butterflies are in the reproduction before. Of being surrounded by swarms of butterflies cannot be described in words.

the valley of butterflies

Thousands of such butterflies rest on the trees at the Valley of Butterflies via Flickr CC @ wiseguy71

  1. Kallithea springs and caves

Really close to Aldemar Resorts-Amilia Mare and Paradise Village-is Rhodes’ best kept secret. Kalithea is famous for its springs, but it’s the caves that will amaze you. If you’re brave enough, find a guide to take you there. It will be the experience of a lifetime.

View of Kalithea Spring in Rhodes

View of Kalithea spings. A nice attraction to visit too is Kallithea caves.


Best 10 beaches in Rhodes Island, Greece

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Nov 172015

Greece, a country that has ruled many mythologies of the ancient times and also today they have taken our mind and hearts captive with the folklores and beauty of country itself. Western civilization originated from this very land and so does it has proved itself to be the inspiration from artists from around the world. One of the most mesmerizing aspects of Greece is its beaches and Rhodes Island is one of the places that have beaches with scenic beauties. Ten of these most beautiful beaches near Aldemar Amilia Mare resort which is amongst the top rated inns are as follows:

1. Rhodes (Elli)

Beach that is said to be the finest of Mediterranean is Elli. This beach has jolted creativity of photographers since ages. Casinos and basking sun has kept many under their influence over time and also made many foreigners to lose their hearts to this place.


Elli beach by Wintermute from flickr

2. Ixia

The beach that is ‘just perfect’ for wind-surfers and also food lovers. Surrounded by restaurants, patisseries and retailers of well-known eateries have made the place heaven for those who love chomping as they soak the sun.


Ixia beach by Anna from flickr

3. Kallithea

Short distance to Rhodes Town has made this beach a frequently visited one. Clear green waters of this beach have attracted many people to take a quick swim. Even during off-season there are locals who come here to spend their time. Aldemar Amilia Mare locates at Kallithea beach


Aldemar Amilia Mare with its private beach on Kalithea bay

4. Faliraki

The beach with best water Sports Park in Europe is this one. Here you can enjoy all sorts of fun activities that include bungee jumping and water skiing etc. This is one of the beaches that take enjoying with water to a whole new level.


Faliraki beach by Elias Sjogren from flickr

5. Ladiko

Seekers of peace and quiet can head to this beach, famous beach for Italian visitors this is the beach that may be small but offers all kinds of activities and fun time is made extraordinary.


Ladiko beach by retroscania from flickr

6. Afandou

Beach popular for British and German visitors, is the place where everyone has fun as much as they deem. This is the land where locals come to fish taverns and others can come and have least commercialized experience of the beach.


Afandou beach by roman kuback from flickr

7. Kolympia

Organized family beach is the place where you can have as much fun as you have imagined as a family. This beach has many houses that have their own private beaches and this makes it very controlled and great place for peace and family enjoyment.


Kolympia beach

8. Tsampika

The name comes from the near built monastery of virgin of Tsampika. This beach has small eateries but mostly people come here to take a swim, enjoy water sports and also women who want to be mothers they pray for it at the monastery and once kid is born he/she is named after the virgin Tsampika.


Tsambika beach by Francesco Toffoli from flickr

9. Stegna

Peaceful beach where one hotel has owned the beach privately, this is the place where most of the villagers come around and take a quick swim.


Stegna beach by Fabrizio from flickr

10. Agathi

If camping out for a night at beach is something you are looking for, than this is the place perfect for you. Under the night sky full of stars you can stay out here and enjoy the nature in its full beauty.
With all the beauty and activities lined up at Rhode Island Greece, it is time for you to take a trip to this magnificent place and immerse yourself in emerald waters and relaxing sun.


Agathi beach by Simone from flickr


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Jul 032015

rhodes map Rhodes, Greece’s fourth largest island, lies in the south-east Aegean sea, just a few kilometres from the Turkish coast. If Greece is a palimpsest of civilizations, cultures and history, this is even more true of Rhodes which joined the Hellenic Republic less than seventy years ago along with the rest of the Dodecanese islands. Before that it was ruled by the Italians, Ottomans, Knights of Saint John, Genoese, Byzantines, and Romans. Earlier it had been an important maritime power in its own right, with strong ties to Egypt, boasting one of the Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes. All of this left imprints on the island which are still visible today. Perhaps the most striking legacy was left by the Knights of Saint John, also known as the Hospitallers, Knights of Rhodes and, after their eviction from Rhodes by Suleiman the Magnificent, the Knights of Malta.  They are the ones who transformed the city into their ideal medieval fortified European town. The Ottomans added baths and mosques while the Italians, who took over a little more than a century ago, renovated the monuments left by the Knights and added many fine structures of their own.

rhodes castle

Meet the well preserved medieval castle

But Rhodes is not just commanding walls, a well preserved medieval town (though it is a World Heritage Site), ancient temples and grand castles, Italian architecture or even tiny traditional villages seemingly forgotten by time. It is also lush valleys full of butterflies, craggy mountains, vineyards, endless beaches, and shimmering seas.

koskinou village

View of house in Koskinou Village

epta piges

View of Epta Piges (seven springs)

This combination of beauty, history and size has resulted in one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan and popular tourism destinations with a superb tourism infrastructure. Whatever your taste or budget, Rhodes has it on offer: from traditional tavernas to fine restaurants, from rooms to houses to villas, from tourist shops to chic boutiques, from hiking to wind surfing to sun beds by the beach bar, from tiny mom and pop pensions to luxury hotels to all-inclusive grand resorts for the entire family where every whim is catered for. Get a taste of Aldemar Amilia Mare, located in Kallithea, Rhodes

Amilia Mare is a 5* luxury   all inclusive family resort

Amilia Mare is a 5* luxury all inclusive family resort

How to get there: Aegean Airlines and Ryanair fly from Athens, Thessaloniki and several major European cities. Ferries connect Rhodes with Athens (Piraeus) as well as the rest of the Dodecanese and Crete.

Rhodes Forum on October 2-6, 2013 @ Aldemar Paradise Mare

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Sep 062013

Rhodes Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations

11th Annual Session of the Rhodes Forum will take place on October 2-6, 2013 @ Aldemar Paradise Mare. Activities of the Forum will be dedicated to the analysis of globalization’s transition to a poly-centric and multy-civilizational reality.

Every autumn since 2003 the ancient Greek island of Rhodes hosts a session of the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” called the Rhodes Forum that brings together public figures and statesmen, academics, religious figures and representatives of the arts, mass media and business spheres from all over the world. The sessions of the Rhodes Forum have proved the urgency, importance, and efficacy of the WPF’s ideals by bringing the focus of world public opinion to bear on the need for inter-cultural and inter-civilizational dialogue. The results achieved by the Forum thus far provide hope for further harmonization of international relations and promotion of global stability.


Oct 182012

Aldemar Hotels Green Award



Aldemar Hotels (, one of Greece’s leading hotel chains have cemented their position as Europe’s leading green hotel group by picking up an award at the World Travel Awards ( earlier this month for the 2nd time.

Establishing the chain at the forefront of sustainability and green tourism in Europe the ‘Europe’s Leading Green Hotel Chain’ award was first presented to the group in 2008. Since then Aldemar Hotels have continued to be pioneers of the environment and strive hard to ensure that its corporate social responsibility programme is at the heart of its business philosophy at all levels and including all members of staff from chamber maid to general manager.

The group has also retained ‘blue flags’ for all of its beaches at its eight hotels in Crete (4), Rhodes (2) and West Peloponnese (2) for the 13th consecutive year and as has helped to put Greece on the map for ‘green tourism’ by the development of the ‘Mare Verde’ environmental programme and investing in Corporate Social Responsibility with three fundamental elements: People, Environment and Society.

The Aldemar Group has invested around €2,700,000 by installing state of the art energy saving systems in all of its hotels and creating one of Europe’s largest solar farms at 7,010 square metres, which meets 85% of the group’s need for hot water. The energy saving systems the group has installed include regulating water consumption from taps; biological cleaning systems that give annual water savings of 35%; and wastewater treatment systems that store and biologically clean water which is then used to water the hotel’s gardens.

Other energy savings include fitting central electrical switches and energy saving light bulbs in all rooms, plus installing water-cooled air conditioning units that generate an annual 40% saving of electrical energy. Overall the group benefits from an average of 2,500,000 Kwh of energy recovery per year.

Aldemar Group initiated the ‘Mare Verde’ programme in 2000, this name, ‘Green Sea’, defines the goal – the protection of the environment. It constitutes one of the most dynamic programs that a hotel chain can embrace and that is recognised by international and local organisations. The programme involves everything from solar energy and recycling, to land irrigation and growing organic produce to serve at its hotels.

Today, 12 years on, the programme is considered one of the most successful ‘green programmes’ in Greece and involves all employees at every level in an effort to advise guests, local communities, media and other stakeholders about how to contribute to the environment and society.

Back in 2000 Aldemar Hotels also created a farm for the pilot production of organic products on the grounds of the hotel Olympian Village in the West Peloponnese. Today, after expanding the organic crops to include vines producing wine-making grapes, the group meets on average 31% of the summer needs in vegetables and fruit. In 2011 the garden produce and vines were certified by the Institute for Product Inspection BioHellas.

Aldemar’s CSR programme supports non- governmental organisations such as WWF Hellas, arktouros, Archelon, Clean up Greece, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature and Clean up the Med, plus is involved in many other community projects that benefit employees and customers alike.

For more information, images and press trips requests kindly contact Marlen Taffarello on 01780 481 689 or 07789533791 and email

Editor’s notes:

Aldemar’s Mare Verde in numbers:
• 85% of domestic hot water is covered by the product ion and use of  solar energy
• 7.010 sqm solar panels for power saving – one of the largest solar fields in Europe
• 2.700.000 Euro total investment costs in new technologies
• Biological cleaning system at each hotel
• 35% annual water savings by using biological treatment
• 3.200 kwt energy saved by the use of the technology is equivalent to burning 300 tons of oil
• 40% annual savings in electricity, using water cooled air conditioning systems
• 31% of summer demand for vegetables and fruits covered by the farm organic products of Aldemar
• Recycled in all units: 18.600 kg of paper, glass 136,500 kg, 193 printer ink, 8.396 kg of cooking oil , 529 kg of batteries, 4,000 lamps and 943 pieces of equipment PCs

The World Travel Awards, celebrating its 19th birthday this year, is encouraging more companies and organisations to adopt sustainable policies, ensuring a low impact on the environment and local culture, while at the same time, helping generate prosperity, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems.