Water sports around Rhodes

 Aldemar Amilia Mare, Rhodes  Comments Off on Water sports around Rhodes
Mar 172016

Why do people love the sea? The answer is easy, yet expansive: it’s the mysteries it hides, it’s the fear and respect it instills, it’s the beauty that can be found both in it and next to it. For centuries people have been trying to tame it, befriend it, exploit it, use it, enjoy it. In our times, for people who want to come close to the sea, swimming is not enough. For holidaymakers with a sense of adventure water sports is what brings them closer to the sea, the activity that connects them the most with the water.


Rhodes offers plenty of opportunities to those who want more out of their vacations, since water sports there are abundant and varied. Kallithea and Faliraki, especially, the beaches close to Aldemar Amilia Mare and Aldemar Paradise Village, are ideal for everyone who is fond of water sports. However, the entire island is full of places to practice your skills.
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Water sports in Crete and Heraklion

 Aldemar Royal Mare, Crete  Comments Off on Water sports in Crete and Heraklion
Mar 102016

Greek islands and water sports go hand in hand; there’s no reason not to make the best of the wonderful blue waters surrounding them, especially since the weather and the landscape both above and below the sea permit, even ask for, something like that. Crete, the largest of Greek islands – one would even say that it is more than an island – sets an example of how to include water sports in your vacation. Aldemar Royal Mare, Aldemar Knossos Royal, and Aldemar Cretan Village are very fortunate to be close to some of the best beaches of Crete, where travelers can enjoy every water sport imaginable, from the easy ones to the more advanced.
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