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Jun 052012

On the 5th June we celebrate the World Environment Day in order to raise global awareness about our environment. Beginning in 1973, it is run by the United Nations Environment program. It is hosted every year in a different country, this year being in Brazil.

2012’s theme is Green Economy: Does it include you? The definition given is that Green Economy is one that results in improved living standards and social equity for the population, while reducing the impact we as a people have on the environment. Given that, it includes everyone, and we can all be involved!

Aldemar pioneers on a European level with the introduction of energy saving systems in its hotel units with innovative applications to conserve energy. We do this with Solar Energy for hot water supplies – using seawater for Air Conditioning cooling systems – and a comprehensive recycling project.

Join us in the effort of raising global awareness and helping preserve the environment. As the message of the World Environment Day says – It includes you!

Our children deserve nothing less!

Nicholas Hourdakis
Guest Relations Manager at Royal Mare

Green Key Awarding to 4 Aldemar Hotels

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Apr 222010

Another acknowledgment of the environmental work performed by Aldemar Hotels  & SPA Group is added in 2010 by the awarding to four hotel units of the Group of the Green Key international prize/ Quality Label by FEE (Foundation for the Environmental Education). The said units are KNOSSOS ROYAL, ROYAL MARE and CRETAN VILLAGE in Crete and OLYMPIAN VILLAGE in Western Peloponnese, which is awarded the label for the second consecutive year.

All hotel units of the Group that participated in the program and were awarded by the Green Key National Assessment Committee, were evaluated, following their request, as to their environmental practices, based on specific criteria. The criteria focus on the tourist unit’s environmental management and the environmental training that must be organized for its visitors, staff, vendors and associates.

Green Key is a global symbol of quality, environmental training and ecological management (eco-label) of the hotel units participating in it and the national operator in our country is the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature. The label’s implementation in our country started last year with great success, with 52 hotel units being awarded in total.

The Aldemar Hotels & SPA Group was among the first hotel groups that “embraced” the effort of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature to encourage the adoption of environmental practices in the domestic tourist sector by participating with one unit in 2009 and four ones in 2010. Through its consistency and focus on environmental protection issues, the Group gained both years the trust of the Assessment Committee and is among the hotel units of the country that constitute a role-model as to their environmental policy.

Implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility program titled “Mare Verde”, the hotel units of Aldemar Hotels & SPA Group and their staff save and protect, every year, valuable natural resources, contribute to the cleanness of the beaches and diffuse the message of ecological conscience to customers, partners, vendors and the local society.

The open-air art exhibition “Hearts in Athens” is supported by Aldemar

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Dec 022008

“Hearts in Athens” is a new open-air, charitable art exhibition that features tens of heart sculptures. It is the first European “Hearts in the World” event following an initiative made in 2004 by the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.

Over 100 large hearts made of fibreglass, metal and other materials have been created by both recognized and emerging young artists. They will be on display at selected places in Athens. Red and white, colourful and bright, romantic and, loving, humorous and ecological hearts – will fill the streets and squares of Athens from 21 January to 19 March 2008.

“Hearts in Athens” aims to bring the people of Athens closer to art and create a festive ambience, spreading colour, humour and the ‘heartbeat’ of the city.

In April, the works of art will be sold by auction and 50% of the proceeds will be used to support the Union of the Charity Associations and Foundations – “Together for the Child”.

Aldemar, a pioneer in the tourism sector, could not possibly miss out on such an important art event – with its implied messages for social contribution and support for children with limited opportunities in life.

Mr. Alexandros Angelopoulos, Executive Director of the Aldemar Group, commented “we chose the heart named HOPE, which reflects our love for the environment and active participation in the artistic and social events in our city. The heart we have selected carries the message of HOPE and stresses the need to preserve the environment. Deeply moved by the recent wildfires that hit our country and shook us all, ALDEMAR’s heart comes even closer now with thousands of Greek and foreign visitors – offering, through art, an imaginative, direct means of communication for the preservation of the environment. A better world, a better tomorrow for us and our children.”

The open-air Public Exhibition “Hearts in Athens ‘08” ( takes place under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens, with the collaboration of the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Athens and is financially supported by the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Centre of Athens “YGEIA” and VIVARTIA food company.

Dedicated to the environment…

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Nov 052007

…is the latest issue of our corporate newspaper “Maties” (Perspectives). Here you will find not only our current news, but also valuable advice on preserving the environment sending out an SOS. If you wish to get a copy of our latest issue, all you have to do is let us know!

Aldemar Olympian Village – Umwelt Champion, 2006

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Nov 012006

A few months after its distinction with the “Ecocity 2006” award for Environmental Investment in June 2006, in addition to several environmental awards by Tour Operators, Aldemar’s significant work for the protection of the environment receives yet another award. This time, the distinction is on an international scale, granted by the great German Tour Operator, TUI, which granted the chains hotel Aldemar Olympian Village in West Peloponnese with the «Unwelt Champion 2006» award.

The distinction of a hotel with the specific award is based upon:

A) the evaluation of its environmental sensibility by the hotel guests and

B) environmental research conducted by TUI and inspected on the spot.

A hotel’s participation in the contest is based on a number of strict criteria including:

the legislated environmental policy in force

water and energy saving

biological cleansing

adherence to the HACCP system for product safety and sanitation

the protection of fauna and flora of the area.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time the hotel receives such an important distinction, as it has been awarded with the same prize in 2004.

According to the Group’s Development & Quality Manager Mrs Karantemiri Aldemar raises its quality standards for ecological management with the implementation of environment friendly activities under its ecological program, Mare Verde. This company policy is based on the understanding of environmental awareness as an integral part of tourist awareness and, therefore, a prerequisite for sustainable growth. Each distinction marks an approval of the company’s environmental strategy.

Furthermore,  the company is being awarded by the distinguished Swiss Tour Operator Kuoni with the Green Planet award for a number of years, whilst in 2006 blue flags waved on all coasts of Aldemar hotels for the 8th consecutive year.

Environmental Award for Aldemar and its Mare Verde Programme

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Jul 042006

On the 01 June 2006, a few days before World Environment Day, a special ceremony was held at the “Gaia” Centre for Environmental Research of the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Athens, Greece. This was attended by the Minister of Development, Mr. Dimitris Sioufas, Mrs. Niki Goulandri and many academics, scientists, politicians and other important persons, during which the Aldemar hotel chain was awarded the Ecopolis 2006 award for Investment in

The evaluation of Aldemar’s environmental programme, Mare Verde, which has been implemented since 2002, was carried out by the Scientific Committee of the non-profit making civil law company Ecocity. This is an exceptional volunteer organisation, which aims to improve the quality of life in towns and cities, make citizens more aware and apply a more environmentally friendly way of life.

The award was presented to Mrs. Kalliopi Karantemiri, Head of the Development & Quality department at Aldemar, by the vice chairman of the board of directors of Ecocity, and associate professor at the Aristotelio University of Salonica and Professor Konstantinos Fitianos.

During the presentation Mrs. Karantemiri emphasised that according to Aldemar’s philosophy, management of the environment is now the only option for the Greek tourist industry, Creating environmental awareness is an inseparable part of tourist awareness and therefore a fundamental condition for sustainable development.


For the 5th year running Aldemar receives an award for its eco programme from KUONI Travel Group.

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Feb 132006

Aldemar received the Green Planet Award for all its units in Crete, Rhodes and the West Peloponnese from the Kuoni Travel Group of Switzerland.

Evaluation procedure

1,200 hotels throughout the world with eco management programmes participated in the evaluation procedure for the Green Planet Award. Only 63 met the strict criteria for recycling waste, biological cleaning, waste management, energy saving programmes, using environmentally friendly products, environmental management systems, awareness and education programmes for both staff and guests at their hotels etc.

It is important to note that this is the 5th year running that Aldemar has received this award, but Aldemar’s environmental policy, along with its cultivation of relations with local communities, has been running for years. The main objective of these policies is to improve quality of life for everyone through protecting and making people more aware of our environment.

Activities and investment in this sector are part of the Mare Verde group eco programme run by Aldemar’s Quality and Development Dept.  On receipt of the recent award, Quality and Development Manager, Mrs. K. Karantemiri, noted that eco management is the only way forward for the Greek Tourist industry. Thanks to strategic policies introduced by the company’s management and thanks to the significant contribution made by the personnel, Aldemar is continually aiming for higher standards of quality for its environmental management whereas at the same time is contributing to the creation of  greater awareness and the development of new models in the Greek hotelry

The Blue Flag flies at Aldemar Hotels for the 6th year running

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Jul 142004

For the 6th year running, the beaches at the 7 Aldemar Hotels have been awarded the Blue Flag. This distinction is awarded by the European Union Blue Flag Committee to beaches which meet the requirements for quality seas, high standards of cleanliness and organization.

• 3 Blue Flags have been awarded to Crete, to the beach stretching across from Aldemar Cretan Village ****,  to Aldemar Royal Mare Village *****  and right up to the Aldemar Knossos Royal Village *****  (Αg. Georgios).

• 1 Blue Flag was awarded to Rhodes, for the beach stretching across from Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare ***** right up to the Aldemar Paradise Village **** (Kavourakia, Kallithea).

• 1 Blue Flag was awarded to the West Pelopponese, for the beach at the Aldemar Olympian Village ***** (Skafidia).

The first of the Blue Flag ceremonies was held in Crete in June, and this was followed by a ceremony in the West Pelopponese, with the Hersonisso Mayor, Mr. S. Daneli, the Mayor of Pyrgos Ileias, Mr. G. Liatsis, and local dignitaries and representatives of the press as guests.

The hoisting ceremonies were concluded with the ceremony in Rhodes, which was held on 16 July at  Aldemar Paradise Royal Mare, with the Mayor of Kallithea, Mr. Iatridis, along with other bodies and representatives of the press as guests.

Ms. Calliope Karademiri, of the Development and Quality Department, in charge of the Aldemar programme for the environment, “Mare Verde”,  noted that «The Blue Flag Award for our beaches reinforces all of our efforts to provide quality service while respecting the environment and thus also showing our respect for our guests. This is in fact the idea behind the Mare Verde programme for the environment, which has now been applied at all our units».