Aldemar Olympian Village – Umwelt Champion, 2006

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Nov 012006

A few months after its distinction with the “Ecocity 2006” award for Environmental Investment in June 2006, in addition to several environmental awards by Tour Operators, Aldemar’s significant work for the protection of the environment receives yet another award. This time, the distinction is on an international scale, granted by the great German Tour Operator, TUI, which granted the chains hotel Aldemar Olympian Village in West Peloponnese with the «Unwelt Champion 2006» award.

The distinction of a hotel with the specific award is based upon:

A) the evaluation of its environmental sensibility by the hotel guests and

B) environmental research conducted by TUI and inspected on the spot.

A hotel’s participation in the contest is based on a number of strict criteria including:

the legislated environmental policy in force

water and energy saving

biological cleansing

adherence to the HACCP system for product safety and sanitation

the protection of fauna and flora of the area.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time the hotel receives such an important distinction, as it has been awarded with the same prize in 2004.

According to the Group’s Development & Quality Manager Mrs Karantemiri Aldemar raises its quality standards for ecological management with the implementation of environment friendly activities under its ecological program, Mare Verde. This company policy is based on the understanding of environmental awareness as an integral part of tourist awareness and, therefore, a prerequisite for sustainable growth. Each distinction marks an approval of the company’s environmental strategy.

Furthermore,  the company is being awarded by the distinguished Swiss Tour Operator Kuoni with the Green Planet award for a number of years, whilst in 2006 blue flags waved on all coasts of Aldemar hotels for the 8th consecutive year.

And its name shall be… Mare Verde!

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Jun 012003

Aldemar Hotels has had an active environmental programme and has been working with local communities for many years now. Its new environmental programme, Mare Verde, aims to protect the environment and improve the quality of our lifestyles.

What does our programme involve ?

Protection of water supplies by using them sparingly in conjunction with a biological cleaning system.

75% of our energy needs in Crete are met by solar panels. Similar energy saving programmes also run at the Olympian Village (2003) and will be introduced in Rhodes in 2004.

Hotel rooms have been equipped with an automatic activation/de-activation system for the electricity supply (key card / Air-conditioning).

Environmentally friendly products.

As little packaging as possible is used for our products to minimise the amount of waste produced.

The hotel has special areas and rooms for smokers and non-smokers.

All our beaches have been awarded European Blue Flags from 1998 onwards.

Aldemar Olympian Village farm.

Rock gardens with local plants.

Most of our needs for fruit and vegetables are met by produce from our own farm on the Peloponnese, and needs for seasonal plants are met by our produce from Crete.

Tree planting campaigns and expeditions into the country.

Waste paper collection for recycling at all hotels..

Our staff newspaper, ‘Aldematies’, has a permanent column on the environment to keep staff informed and aware of developments and events.

Our units host an Eco-cultural festival (Crete 2002-Western Peloponnese 2003).

Aldemar Hotels volunteer group takes part in all the above mentioned environmental activities.


In 2002 Aldemar Hotels received awards for its coordinated activities for the environment from important tourist organizations such as Hotel Plan and Kuoni.

How you can contribute:

Request that your sheets be changed every 3 days (for long stays), and place your towels inside the bath when you wish them to be replaced. 

Turn your electricity supply off whenever you leave your room (key card). 

Use the Aldemar bags (paper/material) for the duration of your stay, and avoid the use of plastic bags at all costs. 

Turn off the taps in the bathroom while you are shaving, brushing your teeth etc 

Use the rubbish bins provided in hotel and beach areas to dispose of your rubbish. 

Find out about our environmental programme from the Aldemar Quality Department web page and sign up to show your participation (on-line). 

Visit places of environmental interest in the areas near our hotels as indicated on our website.

5 Stars for Aldemar Olympian Village

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Mar 102001

The renewed de luxe Οlympian Village of the Aldemar Hotels chain welcomes this tourist season, with new facilities and under new management.

Located at Skafidia in Western Peloponnese, a mere 3 hours from Athens, Aldemar Olympian Village has become one of the most popular holiday and incentives-travel destinations within two years since it first opened. Its location and venues make this hotel the ideal place for private or collective escapades.

Having spent more than 5.8 billion drachmas for the initial refurbishing project (1998-1999), for the period 2001-2004 Aldemar Hotels is proceeding with over 40 billion drachmas investments to expand and upgrade the facilities at the Olympian Village.

The following works have already been planned:

congress centre (Olympian Village Congress Centre) with a capacity of 2.500 people (Spring 2003);

new bungalow units including an executive section, new family villas with private pools, a second main building with a total 700-bed capacity;

new thalassotherapy centre;

new dining and recreation facilities;

support projects (biological wastewater treatment plant, desalination unit, solar energy water-heating system etc)

The Hellenic Tourism Organization’s decision to upgrade the Olympian Village to a deluxe unit comes as a recognition to the course traced by Aldemar Hotels toward the development of a business-model in the recreation, tourism and spare time service sector. Through strategic investments in human resources, systematic investments in its luxurious facilities and continuous improvement of its high-standard services, the Aldemar Hotels Chain maximizes the comparative advantages of Greece and the local communities where it operates.

Mr. P. Dakouris, the New Manager of Aldemar Olympian Village, said: «Οlympian Village is an investment of strategic importance, having estalished and developing further a new market – that of Western Peloponnese – not only in light of the 2004 Olympic Games and the Cultural Olympics, but, mainly, toward upgrading and bringing out the distinct attributes of the tourist product of Greece».