Melomakarona and Kourabiedes [Festive cookies]

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Dec 102012

Melomakarona & kourabiedes are the two most famous varieties of Christmas and New Year’s cookies in Greece. The first are semolina, cinnamon, walnut and clove cookies drenched in honey. Kourabiedes, are shortbread cookies sprinkled with rosewater and dusted with caster sugar normally served on New Year’s but many …succumb to temptation …long before!

(Greek) Aldemar: H πιο Πράσινη Ξενοδοχειακή Αλυσίδα στην Ευρώπη

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Oct 242012

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The Greece we love celebrates August 15th

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Aug 152012

The Greece we love celebrates August 15th

August 15 or “Dekapentavgoustos” is the third most important holiday for the Greek Orthodox after Easter and Christmas. Often called the Small Easter, August 15 observes the dormition of Virgin Mary and her ascent to heavens. This day is celebrated throughout Greece with a variety of festivities (panigyria) and family gatherings following the solemn church services. Those named Panagiotis, Despoina, Maria and Panagiota celebrate their nameday on August 15.

Kids World

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Oct 032010

Another space devoted exclusively to our young friends has been opened at the hotel Aldemar Cretan Village. The new mini club includes 2 pools, and large areas landscaped for children of all ages including a playground for endless games.

Taste of Greece at Aldemar Hotels

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Oct 022010

HOLIDAYMAKERS are treated to the very best of gourmet Greek cuisine at Aldemar Hotels ( as well as international flavours such as Japanese, Italian and French, across the many restaurants at their hotels in Crete, Rhodes and the Peloponnese.
The emphasis in all of their restaurants is on good quality ingredients sourced locally to produce dishes that are both healthy and reflect the local specialities of Greece, in particular Cretan cuisine that is renowned world-wide for its health benefits that promote longevity. The restaurants also offer locally produced drinks from wine to raki – ideal accompaniments to the Greek dishes they serve.

At their flag ship hotel, the 5* Royal Mare Hotel in Crete for instance the experienced chefs derive their inspiration from classical Cretan recipes using local ingredients such as anthotyro cheese, olive oil, wild greens, rosemary, vine leaves and rock fish to create mouth watering dishes. Guests interested in combining thalassotherapy with a wholesome diet also have the option of ‘Spa Cuisine’ where well-designed menus made up of natural ingredients are specially prepared for them.

New for 2010 are their “sushi corners” and “healthy breakfast corners” that are available at all the main restaurants across the group – in keeping with Aldemar’s philosophy to cater for guests that are into a healthy lifestyle.

Aldemar Hotels recognised the growing interest in Japanese food from health conscious people and have introduced the sushi corners to offer this speciality that is perfect for a light snack or something more substantial.

In addition they are opening a sushi restaurant at the Royal Mare property on Crete (as an extension of the fabulous à la carte restaurants at the same location). The decor will be Eastern-influenced – and the menu will feature sushi and other mouth-watering influences from the world of Asian cuisine.

Aldemar Hotels is also in the process of creating “healthy corners” which will exclusively offer diners sensible eating choices at breakfast that are both tasty and well-balanced and will include options such as low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese, turkey, muesli, smoothies, fresh juices, dry fruits and no-sugar jams. These breakfasts are ideal for those watching their weight or following one of the spa programmes whilst in holiday.
Holidaymakers that are on a budget but also want to take advantage of the fabulous cuisine that Aldemar Hotels offer can opt for one of the three all-inclusive properties that the group offers – one in Crete and two in Rhodes – to enjoy top class facilities and delicious food without the worry about overspending on their holiday money!

Greece, a safe and beautiful country

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May 052010

Dear colleagues and Friends,

The unfortunate events of yesterday leave us with sorrow and unanswered questions.

A peaceful protest around the parliament grew out of proportion because of a handful of young warm blooded youngsters. They will answer for their crimes.

Unfortunately for the rest of the Greek population, we are, since yesterday, hammered by the vast majority of the international media that present this as a  national issue. It is not! Ask yourself how many different images did you see, where these pictures and videos were taken and how extensive was this protest really.

Greece in an economic downturn and you wouldn’t expect the Greek people to stay back and watch. People have a natural urge to question any change in their life.  What the Greek Government has decided is for the best for the Greek and European economy, for the stability of the region and to test the very foundations of the European Union. Greece is in economic distress. Yes. It will, for certain, cause distress and protests amongst the people, until it is fully absorbed.  But… in a very small part of the population that cannot grasp in its totality the issues faced by our Country. The issues do not extend in the islands, not in the province and not away from where the Government exercises its power to change. A government that tries to undo the wrongs of many decades in only a small period of time. One should not generalize, as the wrongs are usually the handiwork of just a few people.

Greece remains a safe and beautiful country to live in and to travel to. The sun is still shinning and more than one million Greek inhabitants look forward to offering their services to our guests.  The tourist destinations saw the protests in Athens through the Television, and were not affected whatsoever by them.

We count on our tourism to spread the message, that Greece is the Small paradise in the southern of Europe with the islands, the beaches and the fun still playing a key role to our culture and economy. The same smile and warmth will be here to welcome you for your dreamy vacations.

Ask yourself… don’t just read someone else’s views!

(Greek) «Δήλωση κ. Αλέξανδρου Αγγελόπουλου, Εντεταλμένου Συμβούλου Aldemar Hotels & Spa» στο Ρώσικο περιοδικό και site Tourinfo

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Apr 292010

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Energy Review 2010

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Apr 232010

Τhe recent review on the energy efficiency of the Aldemar group revealed startling facts. Without further investment, and with good organization and coordination, the Aldemar group has achieved savings of 20% over the impressive figures of 2009. Congratulations to all!